13. I’m Still Here, Marco… #RRBC

Nonnie Jules is the founder and President of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB, as well as interviewer of RRBC authors in the famed, “Who’s On The Shelf With Nonnie?” interviews. Her interviewing skills are legendary and she decided to accompany Author, John Fioravanti, through space and time to another galaxy 700 years into the future. Nonnie’s […]

12. What Happened to Marco? #RRBC

Welcome to this twelfth episode in this unique series of interviews of some key players in Book One of The Genesis Saga: PASSION & STRUGGLE. Author, Nonnie Jules of the famed interviews, ‘Who’s On The Shelf With Nonnie Jules?’   has been teleported through space and time, courtesy of Author, John Fioravanti, to lend her formidable skills to this […]