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What readers had to say about A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching:


Fiora Books Reviews

 Rating: 5 Stars
By: Dave Lahn

Fioravanti strikes a perfect balance between personal reflection and storytelling in this heart-felt account of his journey in teaching. I recommend this book to any reader who enjoys a truly inspirational story. Once I started the book, it was hard to put down.


Fiora Books Reviews

Rating: 5 Stars
By: Carol Zinger

I would say for me this book was a 5 Star, easy reading and kept me interested.

I thank you so much for writing such an inspiring book. I have read it and found every page fascinating with your personal story.
My daughter will be starting a new job this Sept working with the school board in Wilmot Township, she is an ECE teacher and has been applying for this job for the past 5 years. As I was reading your book I could see so many similarities in her life. I will be passing this book on to her as I know it will make her excel in her new position.

Thank you again for the inspiration you have passed on through this book.


Fiora Books Reviews

 Rating: 5 Stars
By: Sister Anne Rektor

Top rating which is 5….for his sincerity, his forthrightness to so clearly and deeply relate, share and/or tell of his journey right from the struggles he had as a teen and into young adult hood…and then come the rewards and blessings of all those trials and difficulties which made him a very special teacher….who could help his students transform difficulties into opportunities as he had done, even in the midst of hitting lows…but then…we know that God was with John…the faith of his parents and his own faith in good friends and then meeting you(Anne). That was the richest blessing of his life which then translated into blessings for his family and for his students whom he allowed to teach him along the way….yes…top rating for John’s book….there is so much heart in it! That’s why it is a winner.

Further, please tell John that his wonderful book on “The Heart of Teaching” was a very special gift to me. I am so grateful to him for sharing his journey into teaching as a young lad deciding where God wanted him and also for that special part where you and he met….how very beautiful and then into his teaching career and what the students taught him….it is truly a story of truth, emotion, reality and blessings all in one book.

Congratulations John on this wonderful gift you sent to me. It will surely touch many lives….I would like one for my
nephew who teaches in Aurora….grade 7 and 8’s. I especially appreciate your forthright honesty….regarding your “strict Italian Dad; your fears
about teaching Math; and your surprise when the Math department head “was angry” that you were leaving the Math department since she considered you “The Best” because of your own struggle to solve the problems that challenged you…which in turn became a great blessing since you fully understood and could enter the “confused minds” of those who could not at first understand. I believe you were the best for sure.


Fiora Books Reviews



Rating: 4 Stars
By: Kathryn Frederick

John Fioravanti’s book, A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching, is a well written, very readable account of his decision to become a teacher, his beginning struggles, and his ongoing pursuit of excellence in the classroom. He writes openly and honestly about his doubts, his feelings, and his personal satisfactions as he manoeuvres his way through dealing with the everyday challenges of teaching teenagers. His candour makes this book a very enjoyable and worthwhile read.


Fiora Books Reviews

 Rating: 5 Stars
By: Janet Stoker

I enjoyed your book. I found it interesting. I am just starting my career in teaching, but I found your book, to be great for myself.

I too, am always questioning myself, so this book, helped makes sense to myself. I am normal, questioning, am I doing a good job, preparing the students for the next level.

I was a machinist for 20 years. A company I worked for closed their doors which began my path toward a new career.

I hope to encourage students to follow their hearts. I did and I do not regret it, I loved being a machinist. You will have hard moments in life, but when you are following your heart, it always works out. If you are not following your heart, when you hit a bump in the road, you will find it impossible to get back on the right path.


Fiora Books Reviews

Rating: 5 Stars
By: C. Ludden

5.0 out of 5 stars A Guide to Life, December 22, 2014

This review is from: A Personal Journey to the Heart of Teaching (Kindle Edition)
I’m a teacher and read this book from a teacher’s point of view. I can tell you that from a teacher’s point of view this book is spot on. Fioravanti explores how to be the best teacher he can be, and if you ask me, he succeeded. I would’ve loved to have been a student in his classroom.
Not only that, but this book is well written. The author’s writing background shows through in his clear, concise writing and easy organization. He bravely takes us step-by-step through his mistakes and successes all the way to the heart of teaching, which is teaching with your heart. The path that this book portrays can be used as a guide not only for teaching, but for achieving any goal that one is passionate about.


Fiora Books ReviewsRating: 5 Stars

By: Molly Murphy

I woke at 5.30am and starting reading ‘The Heart of Teaching’.  WOW, I couldn’t put it down. I finished reading the book at 8.30am. I laughed, and I cried, it was a wonderful magical book. John’s students were very fortunate to have been mentored by him.  I admire that he adored his beautiful bride and how thankful he was to have your continuous love and support.

Thank you very much for allowing me the opportunity to read this inspiring book and get a peek at the trials, tribulations and rewards experienced by all who give their life to the lives of others when they take the oath to become teachers.  Teaching is not an easy job… it surely must present its challenges, but nice to see John enjoyed his career and cared deeply and gave unconditionally of his time for the well being of his students.