19. He’s So Slimy; I Need A Shower! #RRBC

When we last saw  Nonnie and John, they had just left The Mansion after chatting with Marie Brooklyn and Annie Pinto. It sounded like they were off to visit the Rouge strategist, Shawn O’Dell. Looks a bit dangerous to me – I hope John cooked up a good cover story. Let’s find out.

(John and Nonnie appear on the sidewalk in front of the building that houses the residence of Rouge leader Brian Irving. John knows that Irving is using his place to meet with the lieutenants who command the other Rouge cells spread across the planet. Of course, their chief strategist, Shawn O’Dell is in the area as well. Within seconds O’Dell himself exits the building and appears to be looking for someone across the street. Not looking where he is going, he almost collides with Nonnie.)

O’Dell: “A thousand pardons, honey. I hope I didn’t frighten you.” 

Nonnie: “I don’t scare easily, young man. And I’m not your honey! We’re looking for Mr. Shawn O’Dell; perhaps you can help us.”

(He suddenly becomes guarded and looks suspiciously at John. His eyes widen in surprise as he recognizes the famous professor)

O’Dell: “Aren’t you that researcher and historian named Dr. John? I read about you and saw your picture in that Genesis Free Press interview by reporter Marie Brooklyn during the election last year.”

Nonnie: (Assertively) “Yes he is, and I’m his writer friend, Nonnie Jules. You haven’t answered my question, sir.” 

O’Dell: (Grinning at her) “Allow me to remedy that, immediately, Mrs. Jules. Shawn O’Dell is the name; strategy is my game! You certainly are a firecracker.” 

Nonnie: “I live my life out loud, and I don’t apologize for it. May we have a few minutes of your time?”

O’Dell: (looks from one to the other as he weighs his options, then shrugs) “Yeah, why not. I got a few hours to kill, and this might be entertaining!” (He winks at Nonnie.)

(Nonnie is about to give him a piece of her mind about disrespecting a lady, but John’s hand on her shoulder stays her anger. O’Dell then leads the way across the street to a small restaurant, where they sit at a corner table where there are no other patrons. The Rouge leader sits alone on the side of the table where he can see the door.)

O’Dell: “Ok, you asked for this meeting, Mrs. Jules, how about you spring for a beer? Is my time worth a drink to you?” 

(John orders two beers and a glass of water for Nonnie. She turns and gives him a disapproving look.)

Nonnie: “That’s poison, Dr. John, and it’ll kill you one day.” 

O’Dell: “You two are very entertaining… now what do you want from me?”

Nonnie: “My friend here tells me that you’re mixed up with a group that wants to stop the reforms put forward by President Hastings and the High Chancellor…” 

O’Dell: (lips curl into a snarl) “Stopping that bitch is now my life’s purpose! Count on it!”

Nonnie: (in a firm, measured tone) “Perhaps you’d like to rephrase, Mr. O’Dell… You don’t want to take me to that party because only one of us is going to have a good time, and it won’t be you!” 

(Surprised, O’Dell glances at Dr. John who is nodding his head gravely. The Rouge strategist locks eyes with Nonnie and makes a decision.)

O’Dell: “Alright, Mrs. Jules, I apologize. I am disgusted with everything about that administration. The Gods are offended that a woman has shrouded herself in the mantle of President, as are all the faithful on Genesis. Therefore, these godless reforms must end.”

Nonnie: “Better, sir. Why would the Gods be offended by Liz Hastings? She is a highly respected leader to many people on Genesis.” 

O’Dell: “Only to the Naval class scum… er… citizens. They are not faithful to the Gods or the teachings of the Holy Church. The High Chancellor has betrayed the Gods and his holy office. They both have to go! (He takes a long pull on his beer) 

Nonnie: “As a strategist, how do you think this might happen?”

O’Dell: “Hypothetically? The best way to derail this government is to eliminate it.”

Nonnie: (Eyes narrowed) “Assassination? How?”

O’Dell: (smiling) “You seem pretty blood-thirsty, Mrs. Jules… how would you do it?”

Nonnie: (sitting back and locking eyes with O’Dell) “Flattery will get you nowhere… please quit dodging the question and give me a straight answer.” 

O’Dell: (Sighs heavily) “I’m talking to you as a courtesy, so I’ll speak hypothetically. Violence is the best option when dealing with leaders who are totally committed to their policies. If you remove the head, the body has no direction. Problem solved.” 

Nonnie: “Perhaps you’re not aware that an Earther battleship is docked to Genesis One. As well, Ambassador Ursla, formerly Admiral Ursla, led the forces that forced the Krogg home world to surrender. And Liz Hastings is a close friend of hers… so do you think striking out at the President would be prudent?”

O’Dell: “The heathen Earthers follow rules. That means they’re bound to maintain their diplomatic posture – which pretty much neutralizes any threat from them. So I like our chances.”

Nonnie: You must have a secret weapon of some sort… do you?”

O’Dell: (Grinning) “Well, Mrs. Jules, stick around these parts, and you just might find out! However, you may not have fun at that party! Good Day to both of you, and thanks for the beer!” 

(O’Dell leaves the booth and swaggers out the door onto the sidewalk.)

Nonnie: “John, that man is so slimy; I need to take a shower. I’d like to meet a real Irish gentleman after this interview.” (She shudders in disgust.)

John: (Rubs his chin as he thinks) “How would you like to pay ArcGeneral Pat Conroy a visit?”

Nonnie: (Suddenly energized) “He grew up with Marco, didn’t he?”

(John smiles and nods. Nonnie puts her hand on his arm, and… they vanish!)


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      John Fioravanti

      September 26, 2016 at 7:12pm

      Shhhhh! (Looks around furtively) You never know who’s lurking about… I agree, John, everything in moderation! Martini over here, and a Margarita for my buddy!

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    Gwen Plano

    September 26, 2016 at 4:00pm

    Heathen Earthers and secret weapons….this is getting intense!

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      John Fioravanti

      September 26, 2016 at 4:15pm

      Thanks for stopping by, Gwen! Yep, the Rouge thugs characterize the Earthers as “heathens” because the Earthers threw proof in their faces that their religion was phoney and concocted by the UN committee that put the Genesis Mission together in the first place. The Earthers are super conservationists – it’s why they’re not crazy about humans coming back to Earth to live.

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      John Fioravanti

      September 26, 2016 at 7:53am

      Thanks, Yvette, I’m glad you’re enjoying these interviews. I had a lot of fun writing them. I appreciate your visit and the comments you leave!

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