#18. “…My Kind of Girls!” #RRBC

In the previous episode, Nonnie and John visited the Campus Café on the University of Genesis city campus – near the home of Vice President Marco Rossini. Nonnie had a revealing chat with Marco’s lead security agent, Captain Ted Gallo. After their visit with him, John whisked both of them off to a surprise destination.

(Nonnie finds herself standing with John in what appears to be the reception area of a gorgeous mansion. John is still holding her hand, which she drops with an annoyed look.)


John: (speaking quietly) “This building houses the temporary home and administrative offices of President Hastings. They call it The Mansion.” 

Nonnie: “Good name. It is a mansion! So we’re here to see Liz?” 

John: “Well… not quite…” 

(He’s interrupted by a young woman in business attire, approaching them from the receptionist’s desk.)

Marlena: “Dr. John, so good to see you again!” (she hugs John and turns to Nonnie)

“You must be Mrs. Jules, the writer. Welcome to The Mansion! My name is Marlena Smythe!” 

Nonnie: “Please call me Nonnie. You could be a twin sister of my friend Marlena back home!” (turning to John) “Is there anyone here you don’t know?”

Marlena: “Dr. John is famous here in Genesis City, Nonnie, and you’re becoming well-known as well. Follow me, and I’ll take you Conference Room C where the ladies are waiting.” 

(They follow Marlena through a maze of corridors until they arrive at the designated room. She ushers them inside, closes the door and returns to her post.)

Marie & Annie: (rise together and greet John in unison – they’re apt to do that sometimes) “Dr. John, how wonderful to see you again!!”  

(Nonnie rolls her eyes and John gives her a grin before greeting the two women.)

John: “No, the pleasure is all mine!”

Nonnie: (under her breath) “You’re such a charmer!” 

John: “Marie Brooklynn and Annie Pinto, please welcome my good friend, Nonnie Jules!”

(Marie is not aware that Nonnie saw her last year when Marco brought Marie to his home and made her dinner for their first date. So they’ve never met.)

Nonnie: “I’m thrilled to meet you, Marie and Annie, and please call me Nonnie.”

(Both women thank her, shake hands and invite them to sit at the conference table. While John and Nonnie find their chairs, Marie moves the curtain beside the window aside and activates a metal device.)

Marie: (noticed Nonnie’s raised eyebrows) “I activated the dampening field so our conversation will remain private. High Chancellor Bingham insisted they be installed in every room of the administrative wing.”

Annie: “Can I get anyone a drink… coffee, tea, water…” 

(They all decided to have a glass of water from the carafe on the sidebar.)

Nonnie: “If you have no objections, I’d love to ask both of you some questions…”

Annie: “Why would we mind, Nonnie, right Marie?” (Marie smiles and nods in agreement.)

Nonnie: “Thank you! I’m told that you two are very close friends and used to be a journalistic team at Genesis Free Press.” (Annie and Marie smile and nod their heads.) “Now you’ve been working here for just over a month? How do you like the new job as the President’s Press Secretary and Photographer?”

Marie: “It’s the most challenging job we’ve ever had and we love our bosses. It just doesn’t get any better.”

Nonnie: “Do you mind if I ask you a personal question, Marie?” (Marie smiles encouragingly and agrees.) “It’s no secret that you and Marco are an item. I spent several hours with him last year when Dr. John introduced us, and I just adore him. Would you accept if he proposed to you?” 

(Annie gave Marie a knowing grin, and Marie blushed with pleasure.)

Marie: “I love him and I know he loves me, but… with all the trouble from the Rouge terrorists, it’s just not a good time. Having said that, I would be honored to become his wife… if he asks.” 

Annie: (addressing Marie) “Don’t you doubt that for a minute, girly! My Gian swears he’ll pop the question soon!” 

Nonnie: (smiles, touched and amused by the way the two friends interact with each other)  “I’m also told that both of you are targets of the terrorists. How do you deal with that?” 

(Marie signals Annie to speak to that.)

Annie: “It’s a scary thing when you know that crazy people want to kill you…” 

Nonnie: (interrupts with an aside to John) “Umm hmm, we know about crazy! I’m sorry, please continue.”

Annie: (smiling at the visitors)“No problem. Each of us has been assigned an Alpha agent to protect us on the drive to, and from work, and at home. Liz has ordered a government limo to transport us each day, so we feel pretty safe.” (sighs heavily) I wish this was over. It just makes my blood boil!” 

Marie: (defiantly)“I hate living in fear! But I won’t give into it…” (she adds menacingly) “I won’t give those Rouge scum the satisfaction! I’ll kill them myself if they try to harm any of us!” 

Nonnie: “You two are my kind of girls! So, who’s the brains behind this gang of thugs?” 

Marie: “Some low-life fanatic named Shawn O’Dell. Intelligence reports suggest that he’s their strategist and Joshua Newton is arming them.” 

Nonnie: “I spoke with Newton last year before the election… he seemed pretty shady – and then he made the mistake of flirting with me!”

Annie: “He’s a womanizing pig! My Gian would kill him if he tried something with me!”

Nonnie: “Make no mistake, I put him in his place! Dr. John, I’d like to find out about this O’Dell character. Any chance we…”

John: “We can go wherever you like! But first we must thank these ladies for taking time out of their busy day to talk to us.” 

(They all stand to say their goodbyes. Miraculously, Marlena appears at the door to escort Nonnie and John back to the lobby. Nonnie falls into step with Marlena in the corridor while John walks behind.)

Marlena: “Nonnie, I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was a kid. I’d love to talk to you about writing sometime.”

Nonnie: “I’m not surprised, love… we’ll do that!” 

(Marlena gives them both a hug at the door and goes back to her desk. Outside, Nonnie takes John’s arm and… they are gone!)


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      John Fioravanti

      September 19, 2016 at 11:04pm

      Me too, Yvette. I had a lot of fun writing their scenes – well… the zany ones. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!

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    Gwen Plano

    September 19, 2016 at 5:53am

    Another enlightening episode, perfectly timed with today’s threat of terrorist activity.

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      John Fioravanti

      September 19, 2016 at 4:21pm

      Thanks Gwen… I think you’ll really enjoy the next episode as Nonnie goes toe-to-toe with the Rouge strategist. I really enjoy writing these character interviews!

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