Use Your Head For More Than A Hat Rack!

“A brain is useless unless it is in constant think and learn mode.  God didn’t give you a brain for you to sit and ‘wish’ for things to happen, so use it for what it was intended, and get off your tush and make things happen.” ~ Nonnie Jules Tune in to the RAVE WAVES […]

head shot of Harmony Kent


Please welcome my good friend, Harmony Kent, as she launches her latest book, POLISH YOUR PROSE. There is no doubt that this work will make an enormous difference in the quality of books published by Indie authors! Thanks, Harmony! The floor is yours!   Hi there! Thanks for joining me on my awesome fourteen-day blog […]

road sign says detour below a winding snakey arrow.

Detours Often Unplanned

  “Are Your Students Better Off?” While browsing a LinkedIn group for educators, the National Education Association, I came upon a provocative discussion that began with the question I just quoted above. Herm Allen posted the discussion question to challenge teachers to reflect on the benefits students may have gained in their classrooms this year. […]