Caricature of Wonder Woman


Nonnie Jules, founder and President of Rave Reviews Book Club is a dynamic woman who unabashedly proclaims that she lives her life out loud! For many people, Nonnie is an enigma… a known quantity… yet very mysterious too. Join her today, the first day of her current tour, and find out… who is the real […]

“HIS REVENGE” Book Launch TOUR with John W. Howell

It is my great pleasure to welcome a good friend, a valued colleague in Rave Reviews Book Club and in Rave Waves BlogTalkRadio. John W. Howell is a very talented author and is launching his new novel, “HIS REVENGE”.  This is day one of the “His Revenge” Launch Weekend Blog Tour by 4 Wills Publishing. […]

Her Muse Screams For Mercy!

“How I know I’m a writer:  When I sleep, I wake to write;  when I dream, I rouse to write;  when I eat, I hunger to write;  when I drink, it’s my thirst to write;  and when I write, I write and write and write…until my Muse grows weary of the beating it takes from […]

Choosing Takes Guts!

” Sometimes in life you come to that fork in the road which makes you feel as if you know not which way to go. In that moment, you have a choice, yes, a choice, a luxury many are never afforded. Because of that choice, you can decide to either go left or go right, […]

head shot of John Fioravanti

MY JOURNEY… MY WAY – Part 2 – by John Fioravanti

I owe a debt of gratitude to fellow author and Rave Reviews Book Club member, Gwendolyn M Plano, for hosting Part 1 of this story on her lovely blog. Please click on My Journey… My Way, Part 1 to go to her site. While you’re there, check out her marvellous book, Letting Go Into Perfect Love! […]