Use Your Head For More Than A Hat Rack!

“A brain is useless unless it is in constant think and learn mode.  God didn’t give you a brain for you to sit and ‘wish’ for things to happen, so use it for what it was intended, and get off your tush and make things happen.” ~ Nonnie Jules Tune in to the RAVE WAVES […]

Book Cover for Daydreams Daughter: Nightmare's Friend

John Fioravanti: 5 Great Indie Books For Christmas!

“Cherish the written word.” This is our tagline here at Fiora Books and I want to explain why. As youngster, I caught my love for reading books from my mother, Jean Ryan Fioravanti. Most nights, Mom would sit me down in the kitchen (I always chose the floor) while she prepared supper. I read out […]

head shot of Harmony Kent


Please welcome my good friend, Harmony Kent, as she launches her latest book, POLISH YOUR PROSE. There is no doubt that this work will make an enormous difference in the quality of books published by Indie authors! Thanks, Harmony! The floor is yours!   Hi there! Thanks for joining me on my awesome fourteen-day blog […]

head shot of John Fioravanti


As an Indie author, do you feel alone? Are you unsure about how to get your manuscript ready for publication? Are you undecided as to which distribution company to commit to? Do you feel intimidated by the prospect of marketing your new book? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, you […]