#RRBC 2016 Holiday Train “Book Trailer” Block Party (1)


Hi, and welcome to RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB’S 


at Fiora Books!

Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Here’s What I’m Giving Away Today:

*Two signed paperback copies of “A Personal Journey To The Heart Of Teaching” (Canada & US only. If a member outside this area wins, I’ll send an ebook copy)

*One $10 Amazon Gift Card


# of Winners for this stop:  3

I’d like to introduce you to my book trailer for “A Personal Journey To The Heart Of Teaching” masterfully created by the very talented folks at 4WillsPublishing.com!

Book Trailer Link

Please click on the link above and watch the trailer. If you enjoyed it, click the ‘thumbs up’ button and share it on your social media pages. To win one of the prizes listed above, leave a comment. Feel free to comment on YouTube as well.


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About John Fioravanti

Author, John Fioravanti writes non-fiction as well as fiction in the sci-fi genre. He's a retired secondary school educator and a lifelong learner. He considers himself a work in progress and welcomes the opinions and insights that others may have about his work. He prizes dialogue about meaningful topics, so please leave your thoughts!

7 thoughts on “#RRBC 2016 Holiday Train “Book Trailer” Block Party (1)

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    November 14, 2016 at 4:05am

    Just took a look at the trailer, John. here’s the comment I left on YouTube…

    “Wow, I had no idea just what the book entailed before watching the trailer. I am utterly fascinated now, and eager to learn more. Now THAT is precisely what a trailer is meant to do! Bravo”

    I’m off to add this to my TBR..Thanks for sharing such a huge part of your life.

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        November 14, 2016 at 9:51pm

        I’m eager to get started on the book. I’m intrigued, and that is always a lovely way to set off into a new experience in literature.

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