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John Fioravanti: 5 Great Indie Books For Christmas!

“Cherish the written word.” This is our tagline here at Fiora Books and I want to explain why. As youngster, I caught my love for reading books from my mother, Jean Ryan Fioravanti. Most nights, Mom would sit me down in the kitchen (I always chose the floor) while she prepared supper. I read out loud to her from classics she chose for me. The one I remember best is Gulliver’s Travels. She insisted I have a dictionary beside me (I swear it was a foot thick!) so that each time I came across a word like prodigious, I had to stop and read to her the definition. She would remember these words and the next day I was quizzed before I began to read. Of course, if I forgot the meanings… back to Mr. Dictionary! Sigh.

I began to read because I was forced to. But I continued to read throughout my lifetime because I love to. Thanks, Mom. Christmas will soon be upon us and for readers such as myself, a good book is a great gift! In the last number of years I have been exposed to some terrific reads by independent authors, or Indie Authors as they are known, and today I will share five of them and encourage you to pick one or some of these as gifts for the book lovers on your shopping list. If you click on the book cover image, it will take you to the listing at


Book Cover for The Human EquationTHE HUMAN EQUATION by Kenneth Tam (Iceberg, 2010)

I have an emotional connection to this fine book. Kenneth is a former student of mine and this was his very first novel. It is classic science fiction, and I immediately became enamored by his Equations universe. His main or key characters are not humans, as a matter of fact, they are better than humans – in every way! They are humanoid wolves, bears and cats, whom Kenneth names Earthers. In this story they begin as adversaries of the humans from planet Genesis, but they end up as humanity’s best friends and best hope for their survival.






Book Cover for Standing Tall: A Daughter's GiftSTANDING TALL: A DAUGHTER’S GIFT by Jacqui Tam (Iceberg, 2012)

This non-fiction book hit pretty close to home. I know Jacqui and her family and I had the honour of meeting her mother at least once. This is the heart-wrenching story of a very vibrant man struggling to maintain his memories and his identity against the unrelenting onset and growth of Alzheimer’s. It is also the story of his family’s battle to cope and his daughter’s reflections about losing the man who meant the world to her. Our family went through a similar experience this past year with Anne’s Aunt Agnes Ellert. Standing Tall is a must read… but have your kleenex handy.






Book Cover for Daydreams Daughter: Nightmare's FriendDAYDREAM’S DAUGHTER, NIGHTMARE’s FRIEND by Nonnie Jules (2013)

Nonnie Jules is a very accomplished author and publisher. She is the founder and President of the Rave Reviews Book Club which features member authors and readers from all over the globe.  Nonnie Jules’ first novel  is nothing short of riveting! It is the tragic story of a young girl who was a victim of abuse. The theme of this book is consistent with the author’s concern with children and how they are raised in our society. Her two non-fiction books, The Good Mommie’s Guide to Raising (Almost) Perfect Daughters, and Sugarcoatin’ Is For Candy & Pacifyin’ Is For Kids both urge parents to raise their children with solid values and good manners. Nonnie Jules is a gifted writer and her books are great reads!






Book Cover for "Inside Room 913"INSIDE ROOM 913  by Bruce A. Borders (2013)

Bruce brings a wealth of life experience to his writing because of the types of jobs he’s held over the years: including grocery store clerk, janitor, carpenter, restaurant manager and a 12 year career as a dental technician, and for the past 18 years, he worked as a commercial truck driver. His suspense novel Inside Room 913, will keep you guessing right up to the last page as we try to keep up with a teenaged worker in a seniors home as she tries to solve the mystery behind the locked door of Room 913. This is truly a wonderful read!







Book Cover for: Allergic to LifeALLERGIC TO LIFE by Kathryn Chastain Treat (2013)

Kathryn’s autobiography is a gripping story of a vibrant stay at home mom who ventures back out into the work world after an 18 year absence. It is hard to imagine what it must be like to become suddenly so violently ill that you are a prisoner in your own home, fighting infections, depression and struggling to survive. This was Kathryn’s life after coming in contact with mold in the workplace that caused a severe immune system dysfunction. Follow Kathryn’s heart-wrenching battle against the odds to survive. You’ll never take your health for granted again. This is a must read!











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