John standing before a podium.


In November, Anne and John Fioravanti of Fiora Books hosted a book event for PASSION & STRUGGLE in The Grand Room at the Stone Crock Restaurant in St. Jacobs, Ontario. There was an excellent turnout of family and friends as John spoke about the background to this, his first novel, read a chapter and answered questions. PASSION & STRUGGLE is Book One of his new futuristic drama series, The Genesis Saga. The balance of this essay is a collection of pictures taken by Stephen Ashikwe!


John standing before a podium.

John regaling the assembly – just like his classroom!


John & Anne standing together

Anne & John posing by the book signing table.

John & Dianna standing beside the podium

John & Dianna Fioravanti getting their stories straight beforehand… As the event’s MC, Dianna was a tough act to follow!










Anne sitting and waving to the camera

CFO of Fiora Books, Anne Fioravanti, being playful!









young girl jumping in the air

Lexi jumped for joy… “Hooray for my Papa!”


head shot of Dianna Fioravanti

Dianna did a magnificent job as MC for the event!









upper body shot of Lexi Fulsom

Granddaughter Lexi ready to read her poem to the assembly!











John speaking to the crowd holding his book

“This is my first novel… the book I never expected to write!”


John standing at the front addressing the audience

John’s having fun fielding questions!









John reading to the crowd

“Now, you’re all paying attention… right?”

a picture of the audience

Part of the audience listening to John.









Woman holding book in front of her

One happy customer and good friend!



John chatting with a friend at the table

Chatting with the inspiration for the character, Agent Ted Gallo!








John signing a book

John: “Now let’s see: F_i_o…



People standing before the book signing table

Friends getting their book signed.











Many thanks to these loving and supportive guests!

About John Fioravanti

Author, John Fioravanti writes non-fiction as well as fiction in the sci-fi genre. He's a retired secondary school educator and a lifelong learner. He considers himself a work in progress and welcomes the opinions and insights that others may have about his work. He prizes dialogue about meaningful topics, so please leave your thoughts!


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    Anne Fioravanti

    January 5, 2015 at 11:38pm

    I think you did a terrific report of the event. I am so proud of you!

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    Anne Delores Fioravanti

    January 5, 2015 at 11:37pm

    I think you did a terrific report of the event. I am so proud of you.

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