‘Instructor of the Year’ at I.I.O. Convocation

IMG_9546WATERLOO, ON – After thirteen years of struggle and determination, Anne Fioravanti, Partner, CFO and Editor-in-Chief at Fiora Books, was recognized for her professionalism and excellence in the classroom. The Insurance Institute of Ontario, Conestoga Chapter, named Anne their Instructor of the Year 2012-2013, at their February Convocation ceremony at Waterloo Inn.

Each year the Insurance Insitute gathers to salute the graduating class of their professional certification degrees. For thirty-nine years Anne worked as an insurance professional at Economical Insurance. For the past thirteen years she has been an instructor for the Charter Insurance Professional (CIP) degree program. Many graduating insurance professionals from all over the region and beyond were celebrated by the Insurance Institute of Ontario Council, which directs and oversees the program.

“I’m very grateful for this recognition,” Anne explains before she took her place at the head table. “I certainly never expected to be given this honor!”

Throughout the awarding of the CIP certificates, Anne could be seen beaming with pride as she recognized her former students among the graduates. After the ceremony many of these students congratulated her and thanked her profusely for helping them achieve their success.

Anne’s husband, John, and daughter, Dianna, were on hand to celebrate with her. “I couldn’t be prouder,” beamed her husband – himself a retired secondary teacher.

“I’m one of the few people I know who can say that I was taught by both of my parents. My mom was the best CIP instructor I had!” Dianna exclaimed before the ceremony started.

That sentiment was echoed several times after the ceremony when the CIP graduates and award winners milled about. Anne was surrounded by former students and fellow instructors; some voicing their congratulations, others expressing their respect and affection with heartfelt hugs.

“It was a wonderful day,” Anne mused afterward. “It was a day one might dream about.”

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