space shot of sun rising above planet's horizon

A New Saga on the Horizon

space shot of sun rising above planet's horizon

Planet Genesis from UNS Divine Scepter 2181 CE

Very soon, Fiora Books will be launching John Fioravanti’s new futuristic dramatic series, THE GENESIS SAGA, with the release of the first book, Passion & Struggle. The series is set within the science fiction universe created by Kenneth Tam in his Equations novels published by Iceberg Publishing, and is situated in time between Tam’s The Earther Equation (Book 4) and The Genesis Equation (Book 5). There is a forty-year gap between these two books, and Fioravanti’s series will bridge that gap.  THE GENESIS SAGA, set in 2796 CE, will tell the stories of humanity’s struggle to preserve a civilzation that was founded on Genesis, six centuries earlier. 

Recently, Fiora Books has published a series of prequels to THE GENESIS SAGA. These short stories give us a series of snapshots into the earliest moments of human history on Genesis, when the United Nations Ship Divine Scepter arrived at the planet in 2181 CE. When asked to explain the purpose of these stories, Fioravanti had this to say:

“It is important to me, that the readers of Passion and Struggle have the opportunity to have a general idea about how and when this society on Genesis originated, and to help them understand something about their unique culture. These stories will tell about some of their experiences during that first critical year on the planet. I’m also introducing readers of the prequels to the ancestors of some of the characters created by Kenneth in the Equations, and by myself in The Saga.”

When asked if he was creating any new characters in the prequels, Fioravanti smiled mischievously and replied:

“Indeed, all the characters in the prequels are new, and when I think about giving them a name, I consider my circle of friends and acquaintances, and with their permission, borrow their names, then alter them somewhat. I got the idea from my dear friend Kenneth Tam. He did exactly that in his Defense Command series – he even named one heroic character after me!”

Fioravanti was still smiling slyly after that response, so it seemed that there was another shoe ready to drop… and there was:

“I’d like to give my readers the opportunity to have a character in my prequels, or in THE GENESIS SAGA named after them. All they have to do is leave a comment on this article or on a Genesis Saga Prequel, and I’ll get in touch with them to make it happen. It should be fun!

Fioravanti is upbeat about the prequels and his upcoming series:

“The response to the prequels has been positive – folks keep asking when the first book will be available. So, as the day gets closer, I’m getting more excited!”


More information about upcoming prequels to THE GENESIS SAGA, and the release of Book One, Passion &Struggle, will be announced on this website in the coming days and weeks. Announcements can also be found on the Fiora Books Facebook page.


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