Dessert plate with Happy Anniversary! written in chocolate icing.

Spotlight on Anne Fioravanti: Many Visions

Dessert plate with Happy Anniversary! written in chocolate icing.

Our dessert plate at Langdon Hall.


The last weekend of June running up to Canada Day had our family partying with friends and family for four days: celebrating our 41st anniversary, commemorating the first anniversary of the passing of my mother, and celebrating Canada’s 147th birthday.

These events had me reflecting about new beginnings…



Time passes as we revere generations left behind

Weddings, anniversaries, and new babies bring new memories to mind

Life is ever changing, while images of families change even faster

Leaving us to wonder what the future holds

New beginnings…


New hopes for generations for love, new careers,and renewed hope

For a better life, happiness, and peace of mind.

The youngest dream of princes and princesses, castles, and magic;

The older ones have visions of their future, love, and to

Somehow cope in a threatening world;

While matriarchs and patriarchs dream of peace, reconciliation, and familial love

Hoping for straighter paths and easier routes to follow

New Beginnings…

Anne standing beside large potted plant in front of the building.

Anne outside Langdon Hall before dinner.

A day early, John and I celebrated our 41st at Langdon Hall,

Amidst the elegance and beauty there we pondered

Our lives so quickly passing; of our future we wondered

While happiness and our love we did recall;

Memories are beautiful treasures, as are future aspirations

Of travels, and dreams of things as yet untold – yet exciting

Because we share them all, together.

New Beginnings…

Anne seated on floating barge in Paradise Lake.

Our Anniversary Cruise on Paradise Lake with Judy & Dan Kroetsch

On the day, at the Charcoal we dined,

Amid emotions in conflict: commemorating and celebrating.

Death and marriage evoked feelings entwined

Missing those who came before us, yet

Grateful for the bonds, the joys, and the plans

Of weddings to be, and new careers to build.

New Beginnings…

Aggie and Mae sitting together at the dinner table.

Anne’s Aunt Aggie died on June 7, 2014, and her mother, Mae died on June 30, 2013.

Finally, Canada Day spending with generations of family to share

All that is wonderful, and interesting, and rare.

Little ones chasing the balloons, and the balls, and each other

The older ones mingling with the younger ones

Feasting and sharing our everyday trials, whether they be

Struggles with the youngest ones, or confronting health issues,

The wonder of it all strikes me right there…

We as the aunts, uncles, and grandmothers and grandfathers

With our parents gone, are now the heads of our families.

New Beginnings…

family members standing around talking in a back yard

More Canada Day family mingling.

family members sitting in lawn chairs in a back yard.

Ryan’s & Andrea’s Canada Day Party: Generations mingling

Life is a complicated mix of things, big and small

Never cease to marvel at the wonder of it all.

Change is a part of life, and, of course, every day evokes

New Beginnings…

Lexi and Anthony playing together with a water toy in the back yard.

Second Cousins Lexi & Anthony: the newest generation.

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