Spotlight on Anne Fioravanti: Death Has Many Faces

deathDuring this long winter and its cold dreary days there have been many  elderly people that have passed away, some dear to me and some just passing acquaintances. Something that came to mind are the many faces of Death. If you are a Harry Potter fan, you will have heard of the Dementors which come with their freezing cold slithery arms and suck the life out of their victims; then you have the people who have lived their long  lives and died calmly and peacefully, like a warm glowing light greeting them when the door opens.  Then you have the sudden unexpected deaths in which the victims are gone like a fleeting image into thin air.  Death also shows its wrath in  war and violence,  and pestilence.  It can be  merciless and cruel. These words come to mind…


Dementors from Harry Potter


Death stalks the earth like an unwanted enemy
It creeps up on some unawares giving them
No time to say goodbye
Death can leap  with a heart attack or  an  accident
With no warning  to  anyone
It  breeds fear and icily clenches our being
It is not time to go…… I need a second chance
But unyielding  unmerciful it does not unclench its hold.
And our loved one is gone! Behold.
Life goes on.


For some hit by disease and tired of life
With time to prepare to face this Entity
They welcome the open door  of warmth and light
Transcending beyond  to peace and love
Death is peaceful and calm and gives respite
To those suffering and wanting to go above.
Those who have travelled the road of life
Tired of the sickness and strife.

We are  all victims of Death
Some with our own hand
To others it comes unawares
When we come in contact with  him
It forces us to sit back and take a stand
What Life has left to offer us
And start a new chapter on the road.
So we are better prepared
when we meet again.
For others they are too weak
and cannot go on
They  call to  Death  by their own hand .
Choose to end it all
Leaving a trail of tears behind.
Trying to sort  it all out .


Harry Potter: Dementors Above the Hogwarts Train

One hundred years of a life we have
Short it seems and yet long  to those
Who waste Life with despair and misery
They choose to waste their days
Death is  like Life
It  can be whatever you  make it to be

The many faces of Death
Icy cold and stone faced
Black dreary and paranoid
Fear clenching our very bones
Loneliness and despair
Fighting its wrath
What comes  next as
we walk this path alone

Each and every one of us will encounter
One of these faces
But if it comes as we have lived Life
Then we will be able to courageously
Conquer the fear and loneliness and
Meet our Maker with peace without strife .

There was a man  who faced Death
He died on the cross  and he suffered
Taking it all in stride
To show us that it can be done
And that love conquers all
and gives it meaning.
That final call
Life and Death coming full circle.


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