Spotlight on Anne Fioravanti: Blame Old Man Winter


Dull and Gloomy – just how I feel.

Two years ago in March we were sitting outside on this deck in shorts and sandals and enjoying ice cold drinks in the warm spring temperatures. This year that same deck is buried under ridiculous amounts of snow as we look dismally at the thermometer registering January-like temperatures. Does this make you feel cranky and perhaps somewhat depressed? That’s exactly what I’m feeling as we head into the last week of March. And I know exactly who to blame too!



Dark, dark, these winter days have been;

Icy cold unmercifully seeping through our skin.

Shivers and frost invading our bones

Leaving a chill – no warmth can appease

The discomforts; and the sun, when it does come,

Leaves little enjoyment in the wake of the Freeze.


That stuff shouldn’t be here still!

Out in the cold the poor homeless trod

Wondering in this horrendous cold if there is a God.

So cold the night and so blustery the day,

Where to sleep and not be frozen in the morn.

So deep and dark down the street forlorn

Seeking a warm place to sleep – to stay.

Spring, spring, where are your warm, gentle winds

Bringing hopes of summer and its glorious sun?

Alas! Winter has displaced all the seasons

Bringing the gloom and sadness all in one.


From: CJAY 92 Calgary’s photo. “Just in case you’re wondering, tomorrow will be 6 weeks since Groundhog day.”~ Russman — with Jett Electra Atkinson.

Spring! Rise up! Banish Old Man Winter;

Bring warm showers to dissolve the unwelcome snow.

Summer, summer, have you lost your way?

Winter cannot be with us to stay.

Away with the gloom and sadness,

We need your sun to warm our spirits.

Our light and our love flourish in the sun’s ray.

Usher in Laughter, Fun, and Life to enjoy!

Anne Fioravanti – March 28, 2014

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