Anne toasting with her appletini.

Spotlight on Anne Fioravanti: An Ode to Motherhood

Anne toasting with her appletini.

A toast to my mother!

On Sunday, we celebrate the mothers in our society.

Not only is it appropriate for us to do so, but it is also quite interesting. History teaches us that for centuries women have experienced discrimination and were assigned second class status after men.

In some societies in our global community this is still true. Fortunately, here in Canada this is not the case.

Having experienced motherhood myself, I have an understanding of this role.

Mae sitting in a restaurant enjoying her martini.

My Mom and her martini.


As I ponder the upcoming Mothers Day

And think on last year when my own mom was Okay

We had our appletinis and Bauers lunches

Mom just enjoyed that so much

With a tear and a sigh I think back

How much I miss all the little things…


Moms provide the emotional support in our lives

They give birth and nurture us into adulthood

They sacrifice themselves – their hopes and dreams

For their children – that is Motherhood.

Often there are moms juggling career and home

So admirable – mentors for their children.

Single moms have double the task playing both

Mom and Dad and a job or two!

Wow – what resilience they must have

To face life each day – getting their ducks in a row

To plan, to achieve and do it all.

The mothers in our family together at Stone Crock.

Mothers All – an earlier Mothers Day


Moms wear many a hat

Successful she is in handling that

When your child looks in your eyes

And says, “I love you Mommy!”

Or “When I grow up, I want to be just like you, Mommy”

What better reward for all of your pain

Makes it worthwhile again and again

You struggle on to do your best.

Great grandmother holding baby flanged by mother and grandmother.

John’s mother flanked by myself and Dianna – holding baby Lexi – 2006


The caring never stops – they share the joys and the tears

The disappointments through all the years

They worry about the teething, the flu, the school friends

Dating, marriage, and grandkids in general

The bond remains through thick and thin

No matter the conflicts – the love is there.

Mother and daughter together at Sole restaurant.

My Mom and I at Sole.


These words in my memory symbolize Motherhood

Sewn in a red satin pillow in mother’s living room

When I was but a child…

M is for the million things you gave me

O is for never growing old

T is for the tears she shed to save me

H is for her heart of gold

E is for her eyes shining bright

R is for righteous and righteous she will always be

Mother and daughter sitting together at a restaurant.

Daughter Anne and Mother Mae.


Happy Mothers Day to all of our mothers! You are special. Enjoy your special day!



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