As we come upon the second anniversary of Aunt Aggie’s┬ádeath, on her 100th birthday, I ponder┬áthe huge gap that she has left in our family. Those days leading up to her death are still very clear in my mind. She was so excited about actually reaching her 100th birthday! Daily she wanted to make sure […]

Log house surrounded by trees.

A Writer’s Escape to a Northern Paradise

  A week ago we departed for Muskoka in Northern Ontario, to a cottage on Lake Cecebee near Burk’s Falls. We were vacationing for a week with our daughter, Dianna, her fiance, Stephene, our granddaughter, Lexi, and her dog, Princess Cinderella. It was our first experience cottaging in the Muskoka region, so we had no […]

Dessert plate with Happy Anniversary! written in chocolate icing.

Spotlight on Anne Fioravanti: Many Visions

  The last weekend of June running up to Canada Day had our family partying with friends and family for four days: celebrating our 41st anniversary, commemorating the first anniversary of the passing of my mother, and celebrating Canada’s 147th birthday. These events had me reflecting about new beginnings…   NEW BEGINNINGS Time passes as […]

Agnes Ellert sitting in a chair on the back deck of our house.

A Valiant Struggle to 100

  On Saturday, June 7, 2014 at 1:45 PM, Agnes Anne Ellert gave up her struggle just ten hours before her 100th birthday. Her favourite PSW, Tania, noticed that same morning that her eyes had changed colour, and spent the morning holding her hand. When Aggie took her last breath, she looked at Tania as […]

Aggie sitting at table with a lovely corsage, Anne stands beside her.

What’s In a 100th Birthday?

As my Aunt Aggie nears her 100th birthday on June 8th, I have been thinking a lot about birthdays and what they mean to different people. There are those who shun their birthdays as they’d rather not face the annual reminders that they are aging. Others awake bright and cheerful on the mornings of their […]