Three special forces soldiers prepare to carry out their duty.

21. How Far Will You Go to Fulfill Your Duty? #RRBC

In our last episode, Dr. John introduced Author, Nonnie Jules to the big Irishman, ArcGeneral Pat Conroy, who grew up with Marco Rossini in Darymanis City. The two hit it off immediately and enjoyed chatting about Marco’s return from a near-fatal injury. Today, Nonnie finishes up her Treachery & Triumph Tour on Genesis with a visit to Vice President Marco Rossini’s home on the University of Genesis City campus. She needs to know how he plans to carry out his duty.


(Nonnie and John appear at Marco’s  front door where they are greeted by Agent, James Drury. Nonnie has made it clear to John that she must get home after she sees Marco.)


Drury: (Approaches them from behind as they stand before the front door.) “Good afternoon, do you have business here… ” (They turn to face him, and he immediately recognizes John)  “Hello, Dr. John! Does the Vice President know you’re visiting today?” 

John: “Good to see you, James. No, but he did ask me to bring Mrs. Jules by for a visit the next time she was in town.” 

Drury: (Smiles and nods respectfully to Nonnie, and then speaks into his comm unit.) “He asked me to show you inside. Please follow me – I’ll take you to the living room where you can make yourself at home.” 

(Once inside, Nonnie and John take seats in two comfortable chairs surrounding a coffee table, and Drury excuses himself.)

Nonnie: (Eyes John carefully.) “You know, the people around here – well, everybody knows you and clearly hold you in great respect… how did you manage that?”

(John winks at her but his reply is cut off as Marco strides into the room with delight written all over his face. He goes to Nonnie first and gives her a warm hug when she stands to greet him. They exchange pleasantries for a moment and then Marco greets John warmly as well. Marco takes a seat in the lone empty chair in the setting.)

Marco: “This is such a delightful surprise! I finished at the office early today to come home and workout with Ted… but I’d rather chat with you two for a while.” 

Nonnie: “You look better than ever after your tragic injuries. How do you feel?”

Marco: “Nonnie, you’re too kind. Physically, I’ve never felt better in my life…” 

Nonnie: “Please forgive me for interrupting, Marco, but I’m not being kind. I don’t sugarcoat my truth and I don’t pull any punches…” 

Marco: (holding up his hands grinning) “Okay, okay… you have the job. You can start on my security team tomorrow!”

Nonnie: (Smiles and nods to John) “You’re quick, Marco, and I just love smart men! However, I do have a family to look after…” (Sends John a stern look)  “You returned to Genesis to find that the Rouge terrorists had launched a few unsuccessful attempts to kill some people on their list. How did you feel about that?”

Marco: (Nodding his head thoughtfully.) “I was appalled, but not surprised, nor did I feel panicked. I had more than one chat with Setter Caine who convinced me that I had to tap into the warrior spirit within me. I also had a lot of time on Earth to think about my life, who I am, and the resources I have around me. So… I came back here ready to do battle – to fight for our way of life and for the people I love.” 

Nonnie: (Looks into his eyes intently) “I see. Just how far are you willing to go?”

Marco: “The Rouge aren’t going to go quietly. They’re fanatics and won’t listen to reason. They believe they have a holy mission ordained by the Gods. I command the Alpha Corps. These highly trained men and women might need backup from the Marine Corps and the Navy. These warriors and their officers who advise me will be all the weaponry I’ll need to eliminate them.” 

Nonnie: “Do you mean you’ll kill them, Marco?” 

Marco: “We’ll hunt them down to arrest them. When they resist, they’ll be treated with extreme prejudice.”

Nonnie: (Sits quietly and reflects on his words and his tone.)“Will you be able to live with that, Marco? To order the deaths of people? Do you think it will change you?”

Marco: “My dear, I’ve already changed. This isn’t a political debate – the Rouge have declared war on this administration and made threats against the woman I love. Because of my position, I have a duty to protect this government and the citizens at large. I will carry out that duty to the best of my ability, even if it means that at the end of the day, I have blood on my hands.”

(Marco pauses, then resumes eye contact with Nonnie.)

“Tell me, Nonnie. Will my actions make me less of a man?”

Nonnie: “Marco, I don’t know what that course of action will do to you. I believe you are a caring and sensitive man, and I’d hate to see that destroyed by this “war”, as you put it. I admire strength and personal resolve – and you have both. If anyone can fight this war and emerge with their humanity intact, it’s Marco Rossini. I will pray for you.”

(Nonnie rises and extends her arms to Marco. He steps to her and gives her a hug.)

Marco: Thank you so much for visiting today – both of you. I’m grateful for your love and support.”

Nonnie: “Fine! You and Marie can name your first daughter after me! Just kidding! Okay, Dr. John, I need to get home to my babies, and my reality shows – in that order!” 

(After bidding them farewell, Marco sees them to the door and is startled when they vanish. Within seconds they reappear in Nonnie’s office.)

Nonnie: “John, I can’t believe we were gone all day – look at the time… whaaat? That clock must be wrong.  It says only 45 minutes have passed!” 

(She turns back to John, but he’s gone. She smiles and shakes her head)

“These Canadians… what am I going to do with that man?”


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    That can NOT be the last one! Say it isn’t so! I have truly enjoyed these posts, John! Thanks for sharing them with us. 🙂

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      John Fioravanti

      October 23, 2016 at 9:19pm

      I’m afraid that’s it until after I write Book 3 in the series – then I’ll drag Nonnie back to Genesis with me. It has been a fun ride and I’m glad you tagged along, Yvette!

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        Well, book 3 definitely needs to get written, so I will wait for more of these adventures until after it’s out. 😉

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    Natalie Ducey

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    These Canadians! Lol. A real treat to share with us, John! Thank you! 🙂

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      I thought you might get a kick out of that line, Natalie! Thanks for stopping by with your kind words!

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      John Fioravanti

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      Thank you very much, Peggy. I’ll do another series for Book #3 – if Nonnie doesn’t disown me by then! It’s fun mixing real people with fictitious characters. I appreciate your support!

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    What a fun dialogue, John. The questions touch into current concerns, yet the ending brings delight. Great job!

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      John Fioravanti

      October 17, 2016 at 7:40am

      Thanks, Gwen – these character interviews were great fun to write. I prefer to end a story on a high note or a light note. It may not be the “right” way, but that’s my way. I’m grateful for your support!

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