20. “Lass! Aren’t You the Charmer!” #RRBC

In our last episode, Nonnie and John found Rouge strategist, Shawn O’Dell, on the run-down west side of Genesis City. Needless to say, he more than met his match when he decided to disrespect Liz Hastings and women in general. From there, John whisked Nonnie away to find ArcGeneral Pat Conroy who is currently directing the construction of a new and improved navy.

(Nonnie and John find themselves on the front porch of a modest bungalow in one of the upper scale residential areas of the capital city. Pat Conroy bought it for himself and his fiancée, Sarah Manchester, prior to the elections the year before.)


John: “I think you’ll enjoy Pat – he’s pretty comfortable in his own skin. Besides, he’s looking forward to meeting you.”

Nonnie: (Gives John a stern look) “And why might that be? What have you told him?”

John: (Defensively) “Calm down, Nonnie. Please.”

Nonnie: “Don’t you dare ‘calm down Nonnie, me’! I’ve just about had…”

(Just then the door opens revealing a handsome, burly man in casual clothes, wearing a big smile)

Pat: “Good day… I thought I heard someone… Dr. John!!! So good of you to visit! (Addresses Nonnie) And this lovely lady must be your friend, Mrs. Jules!”

John: “ArcGeneral Pat Conroy, this is Nonnie Jules.”

Pat: (Beaming at Nonnie) “I’m so happy to meet you. Dr. John speaks very highly of you. Welcome! Come in!”

(As they enter the foyer, Nonnie raises her eyebrow at John, who just smiles at her in return. They follow their host into a very comfortable living room where he invites them to take a seat anywhere. They sit at either end of a long sofa.)

Pat: “Allow me to serve you a drink from my private stock of liquors from the Conroy Distillery.”

Nonnie: “Are you related to the distillery people?” 

Pat: (Grins proudly) “Aye, Lass! My father owns the business, and Marco’s father is the Master Distiller. Mrs. Rossini is my father’s executive assistant.” 

Nonnie: “Lass! Aren’t you the charmer! (Turning to John) “You’d do well to model yourself after Patrick.”

Pat: “Oh, Mrs. Jules, you have it backward. I’ve always admired Dr. John’s charming ways with the ladies…”

Nonnie: “Well, he is quite the flirt!” (Gives John another disapproving look)

Pat: (Looks from one to the other, grinning.) “What’s your pleasure, Dr. John?” 

Nonnie: “Oh, he’ll have water, Patrick, as will I, thank you. And please call me Nonnie.”

Pat: “I like that you call me ‘Patrick’ – my mother does too! I’ll be right back with your water.” (He exits and Nonnie looks at John.)

Nonnie: (Whispers) “John… I don’t look as old as his mother, do I?? Don’t lie to me! You know how I hate liars!” 

John: “Nonnie, you don’t look anything like Irene Conroy! He didn’t mean that. Using his full name just endeared you to him, that’s all.” 

(Nonnie stares at John’s face until she’s satisfied he’s sincere. Pat returns with their drinks and sits in an easy chair opposite their sofa.)

Nonnie: “Patrick, I’m told that you know Marco better than anyone. Are you convinced he’s fully recovered from his injuries?” 

Pat: “Aye, Nonnie, he’s my brother, right here, (tapping his heart) where it counts. I don’t mind telling you, I thought we’d lost him…”

(He lowers his head, momentarily overcome. Nonnie is moved by the depth of the big Irishman’s feelings for Marco. After a few moments, he raises his eyes to look at Nonnie.)

Pat: “Happily, most people who know him realize he’s had a miraculous recovery.” 

Nonnie: “Why do you call it miraculous, Patrick?”

Pat: “Earther medicine is light years ahead of ours! To us, it’s the stuff of miracles. You asked if he’s fully recovered. Honestly, that man came home, more fit, stronger and faster than ever before. And more importantly, he has a degree of self-confidence I’ve never seen in him until now.” 

Nonnie: “Earther medicine can’t give anyone confidence in themselves… that’s a psychological matter. Don’t you agree?” 

Pat: “I discussed this very issue with Marco last week after sparring with him in his basement. He shrugged it off, but he told me about his chats with First Lord Setter Caine during his rehab. I believe that Setter is responsible for that change in Marco.” 

Nonnie: “Seriously? Why? How can one person bring about that kind of change in someone else?” 

Pat: “I fought for four of the bloodiest years of my life alongside Setter and the Earther Navy. Sarah, Graham and I sat with him and his admirals planning strategy on many occasions. Setter Caine is a living legend. He is considered the wisest and bravest leader in Earther history. The force of his personality is irresistible. I watched him help Graham transform into a mature leader to be reckoned with… I’m sure he did the very same thing for Marco.” 

Nonnie: “I adore Marco, Patrick, but when I chatted with him last year after the election, I thought he needed to be more assertive.” 

Pat: “Do you know what Setter told him? (Nonnie shook her head) He told Marco that he had the spirit of a warrior! My big brother the professor! But after I thought about it, I realized that Setter was exactly right.”

Nonnie: “So he planted that idea in Marco?”

Pat: “No, Setter doesn’t manipulate others. He helped Marco see the truth about himself, and Marco did the rest. That man came home to put the boots to those Rouge pigs, and by the Gods, he’ll do it!”

Nonnie: (Looks at John) “Alright my friend, let’s go see Marco. I want to look into his eyes and see that warrior for myself. Then I want you to take me home.”

(Pat walks his guests to the door, watches Nonnie take John’s arm and… disappear!)


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    October 15, 2016 at 6:58am

    Hello John,
    I am catching up and must say this episode intrigues me. I like how Nonnie takes over and makes decisions, for example, “we’ll have water.” Absolutely delightful.
    Keep writing. These article are fantastic.
    Shalom aleichem,

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      John Fioravanti

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      Thanks, Pat! Yes, Nonnie is a very decisive person. Thanks for your kind words! Peace!

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    October 6, 2016 at 1:54pm

    Marco has definitely grown in both courage and strength in the books. Great job, John! 🙂

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    October 3, 2016 at 4:56pm

    As usual, John, I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing. 😀

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