#16. Andra is Marco’s Ace in the Hole! #RRBC

Yesterday, Nonnie and John made a return trip to planet Genesis – to the orbital station, Genesis One, to be precise. After their guided tour of the orbital, Nonnie had the opportunity to interview the CO, ArcGeneral Graham Manchester. When Nonnie reached out and touched John’s arm to get his attention, they suddenly disappeared.


An instant later, they found themselves standing in the corridor of a massive Earther First Rate Navy vessel, the ENS Agamemnon. Nonnie is visibly shaken once more by the teleportation from the orbital to the Earther Embassy docked with it.


Nonnie: (In an angry whisper) “You did that… that thing with no warning again, John! I need you to stop… please!!” 

John: “I do apologize, Nonnie. You touched me when I was thinking about how much you’d enjoy meeting the Ambassador.” 

(At that moment, a very large, uniformed Kodiak bear steps through a hatch into the corridor in front of the pair of humans. She stops in surprise, then recognizing John, she flashes him a grin showing her teeth. Nonnie steps back, startled by the show of rather dangerous-looking teeth. John steps forward to greet the Earther.)

John: “Admiral! So good to see you again! This is my writer friend I told you about.”

Nonnie: (To John, a little annoyed.) “Is there anyone on this planet you haven’t told about me?  

(Steps forward to meet the Earther Ambassador while not taking her eyes off those teeth.)

“My name is Nonnie Jules and I’ve heard a lot about you too!”

Andra: (chuckles, notices Nonnie’s eyes on her teeth and closes her mouth.) “Well, Mrs. Jules, we can compare notes over drinks. Good to see you too, Dr. John – please follow me into my cabin. I have about an hour before my meeting with Liz and Marco, and I can’t think of a more pleasant way to spend it.”

(Nonnie and John follow Andra into the sitting area of her cabin, where Nonnie gasps as she surveys the gigantic suite.)

Nonnie: “They sure treat Admirals well in your navy! This cabin is huge – beautiful too!” 

Andra: “Mrs. Jules… may I call you, Nonnie? (Nonnie nods her assent and Andra continues) “Excellent – I’d like you to call me Andra. Now what can I get you to drink?” 

Nonnie: “Just water for me please, Andra. John, what are you having… not alcohol, I hope.” 

(John asks for water and Andra directs them to take a seat on the large leather sofa. Within moments, she arrives with a tray of drinks and sets it down on the table. She takes a seat in a giant easy chair that matches the sofa and takes a long drink from her glass that’s the size of a pitcher.)

Andra: “There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a glass of ice-cold water!”

Nonnie: (Looking at her glass in astonishment) “This is the best tasting water I’ve ever had!”

Andra: “Water is all we Earthers can drink, so we have perfected our water treatment systems over time. Do you drink alcohol like many of my human friends, Nonnie? 

Nonnie: “Never touch it, Andra – and I’m trying to get Dr. John here to swear off that nasty stuff.”

Andra: (Chuckles at John who is smiling as he raises his glass of water in a salute.) “So what have you been told about me, Nonnie?” 

Nonnie: “That you are a great naval commander, a no-nonsense gal, and Setter Caine’s ace in the hole. I’d really like to know why you accepted this post among the humans of Genesis. There’s a lot of crazy stuff going on here!”

Andra: “Nonnie, you left out one important thing in your description. Liz Hastings is a very good friend of mine from before the Krogg War, and now her Vice President, Marco Rossini is a good friend too. While I live and breathe in Genesis space, I am their ace in the hole.”

Nonnie: “I met Liz briefly last year, but Dr. John and I spent a lot of time with Marco. I just adore that man! Do you think he’s up to this battle with those awful terrorists after almost dying in space?” 

Andra: (Pauses a moment to take a drink, and then locks eyes with Nonnie.) “I spent a few days with Marco on the trip back here and he impressed me a great deal. But to answer your question, I believe he’s just the man Genesis needs right now. Setter Caine has great faith in him… and I’ve never seen Setter misjudge anyone… ever!” 

(Andra pauses and Nonnie remains quiet, waiting for more. So Andra continues.)

“We Earthers have instincts similar to our non-Earther ancestors on Earth. We’ve learned to control the violent and predatory side of our inherited nature, but those instincts allow us to sense things in people. Marco has a good heart, a bright mind, and a desire to serve. He’s still learning about leadership, but he’ll get there – and I have his back.” 

Nonnie: “If you use the military might of this Earther ship, won’t that make things worse for Liz and Marco in terms of public opinion?”

Andra: “Yes, exactly! I’ll be using this (taps the side of her head) to outfox those Rouge thugs. They have no idea what it means to mess with me!” 

John: “Are you two sure you two aren’t twin sisters? I had to blink, Andra. I thought that was Nonnie talking!” 

Nonnie: (Giving John one of her withering looks) “I’ll take that as a compliment, Dr. John.” (Turns back to Andra) “Did you meet Marco’s lead security agent on the trip back here to Genesis? I’m wondering what you think of him. Do you think he’s the right man to lead Marco’s security team?” 

Andra: “Of course, Captain Ted Gallo. I had a couple of meetings with him and some of our security people. He wanted to see what he could learn from our methods so he could do his job more effectively. He’s a good man.”

Nonnie: “Dr. John, I’d like to meet him – he might have more insights into his boss, Marco. Wait! Let’s say goodbye to Andra before we zap out of here, please.” 

Andra: (Grins at John) “Still doing that disappearing act, Dr. John? I’d love to learn how to do that!”  

Nonnie: “Andra, be careful what you wish for! Thank you for your hospitality. It’s been an honor chatting with you.”

(They say their goodbyes as the Ambassador escorts them back to the hatch leading to the corridor. As Andra watches them leave, Nonnie takes John’s arm and they vanish before Andra’s startled eyes!


Join us tomorrow for a new adventure with Nonnie & John!

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    September 9, 2016 at 2:05pm

    You should make these talks or visits out of a book. I have been laughing at a few things because the article is humorous and yet has a moral story behind it. For example, Andra asked what you two wanted to drink and Nonnie says, “Just water for me please, Andra. John, what are you having… not alcohol, I hope.” (Very good. She told you in a round about way, don’t drink.)

    Then the Nonnie’s facial description when you suggested that she and Andra were twin sisters. Nonnie: (Giving John one of her withering looks) “I’ll take that as a compliment, Dr. John.” (Turns back to Andra) “Did you meet Marco’s lead security agent on the trip back here to Genesis? I’m wondering what you think of him. Do you think he’s the right man to lead Marco’s security team?”

    I don’t know Nonnie personally but I could see a crinkled face, ready to kill with a look because Andra is a bear and Nonnie had already stared at her teeth which were not shaped as normal human teeth.

    I enjoyed this very much. It is engaging, and you have done a wonderful job transporting us back and forth into another world.
    Shalom aleichem,

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      John Fioravanti

      September 9, 2016 at 6:30pm

      Thanks, Pat, I’m glad you’re enjoying these stories. While I know Nonnie very well and we are close friends, we have never met face to face. Someday, perhaps. Nonnie gave me permission to write these character interviews because she knew she could trust me as a friend and as a writer. As you can imagine, I have a lot of fun writing these episodes. Thanks for visiting and sharing your thoughts!

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    John W. Howell

    September 5, 2016 at 4:08pm

    Another great post. I can tell you they mean so much more after reading book 1. (By the way, John I have it on good authority Kodiak bears are in the cat family.

    • Permalink  ⋅ Reply

      John Fioravanti

      September 5, 2016 at 4:57pm

      Thanks, John. I’m glad you’re enjoying these more. Kodaks and cats in the same family? Like 44th cousins fifty-three times removed? Wow! How astute!

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