15. Let’s Visit Genesis One #RRBC

Several months ago, renowned interviewer and author, Nonnie Jules, accompanied author, John Fioravanti to planet Genesis seven centuries into the future. Dr. John, as he’s called on Genesis, possesses unusual teleportation powers, which he uses to travel through time and space. He can travel with another person just by laying his hand upon them.

Now, John has returned to Nonnie’s office at 4 Wills Publishing to propose another journey. John is gazing about the room, taking in the redecoration that has taken place since his last visit, while Nonnie observes him thoughtfully over her steaming cup of coffee.


Nonnie: “Why do I have the feeling that this is not just a social call, John?”

John: “You wound me, Nonnie! Really, I…”

Nonnie: (cuts him off) “I’m happy to see y’all, but I have too much work here to go traipsing around the universe…”

John: (observes her over the rim of his cup) “Alright, no cat and mouse games! (Nonnie gasps and recoils in horror) Oh, sorry about the feline reference, Nonnie. I forgot you hate cats. I came today because the Earther Ambassador, Andra Ursla has returned Marco Rossini home to Genesis aboard her mighty battleship. And they docked at Genesis One.”

Nonnie: “I’m almost afraid to ask… how would you know this and what does this have to do with me? I have all these book trailers to…”

John: (Smiles at his friend, then looks down at his watch) “Nonnie, you told me on our last trip to Genesis that you’d love to get a tour of the orbital, Genesis One. ArcGeneral Graham Manchester is the CO of all six orbitals and has agreed to give us a personal tour in… 20 minutes.”

Nonnie: (Her eyes narrow as she prepares to scold her friend) “Twenty minutes! Who do you think you are? Why would you do that without consulting me first? This business is no mom and pop operation, and you know that!”

John: (Shrugs, gets to his feet, puts his mug on her desk and walks to her chair) “I’m sorry… I thought you’d jump at the chance.”

(He turns to leave her office, but she rises quickly and reaches for his arm to stop his progress… and they both disappear! The next instant, they are standing in a corridor on deck five of Genesis One, outside the door of the CO’s suite of offices.)

Nonnie: (Barely containing her exasperation as she removes her hand from his forearm. She is in mild shock because of the unexpected trip through time and space, so her voice comes out as a hoarse whisper.)

“John! Where… are… we? I didn’t sign up for this…” 

John: (Tries to calm her.) “I’m sorry, Nonnie. As I was leaving your office, I decided to come here to the orbital and cancel our appointment. When you touched me…”

Nonnie: (Takes a few deep breaths to steady herself, closes her eyes for a few seconds and then opens them to check out their surroundings. She knows from previous trips with John that she is safe enough.)

“Yes, I know… I shouldn’t have touched you. I just didn’t want you to leave angry.” 

(Just then, a tall, blond officer in uniform who appears to be in his early thirties, emerges from the doorway into the corridor. Upon spotting John, he grins and walks briskly over to them.)

Manchester: “Dr. John, welcome to Genesis One! Who is your lovely friend?” 

Nonnie: (Disarmed by the ArcGeneral’s charm, Nonnie decides to introduce herself.)

“Sir, I am Nonnie Jules and I’m a writer. You may address me as Nonnie. Are you ArcGeneral Manchester?”

(John stands by smiling as Nonnie takes charge of the situation.)

Manchester: (His smile gives way to a grin as he delightedly takes Nonnie’s hand and enfolds it in both of his.)

“Quite right, dear lady! But my friends call me Graham. I’d like you to see our newly refurbished orbital and you can ask whatever you like.”

(For the next 60 minutes, the ArcGeneral plays tour guide on all levels of the orbital ending up in his spacious office. The three of them take chairs around a small coffee table while an aide brings them refreshments. Nonnie stands to greet the ArcLieutenant as she places the tray on the table.)

Nonnie: “Hello! How are you today?”

Graham: “Excuse my poor manners! ArcLieutenant Shirley Hammond-Slattery, this is Dr. John’s writer friend, Nonnie Jules.”

ArcLieutenant: (Smiles warmly at Nonnie and turns to Graham) “Permission to speak freely sir?” (Graham nods assent and Shirley turns back to Nonnie) “You’re really a writer?” (She reaches for Nonnie’s hand and Nonnie lets her take it in her own) “I want to be a writer too! I’d just love to talk to you about it!” 

Nonnie: “I’d like that too, but I never know where I’ll end up from one moment to another. (She looks at John and gives him a disapproving look.) I’ll ask Dr. John to set something up next time we visit Genesis One.”

(The ArcLieutenant leaves after thanking Nonnie for her kindness. Nonnie wishes her luck with her writing and then turns to address Graham.)

“Graham, John… I mean, Dr. John… tells me that the Vice President has returned fully recovered from his near-fatal injuries. Do you think he’s psychologically ready to take on those Rouge thugs?” 

Graham: (Raises his eyebrows in surprise, then realizes that John probably briefed her) “I really think he returned to us… ah… how shall I put it… a stronger leader.”

Nonnie: “Do you think so? Please tell me why.” 

Graham: “He spent a lot of time with First Lord Setter Caine on Earth, and I could see that Setter had a profound impact on Marco. He came back to us more confident and very determined – I could see it in his face, and hear it in his words. He’s a changed man – a better man than he was before. I know the power of Setter Caine from my own experience with him.” 

Nonnie: “Really! I’m glad to hear that. Dr. John and I spent several hours with him in his home shortly after he was elected. He was a very sweet man that day but I wondered about his confidence. Can you tell me something about the new ambassador from Earth?”

Graham: “Admiral Andra Ursla… you’ll love her, Nonnie.” 

Nonnie: “What makes you so sure? What’s she like?”

Graham: (Chuckles) “Big… really big! Andra is a Kodiak bear who stands over 9 feet tall and her weight is north of 900 pounds. She is one of the smartest and most capable warriors of the Earther Navy. The Admiral knows no fear. She loves humans and she’s very close to President Hastings. She’s also very protective of her friends…”

Nonnie: “She sounds like my kind of woman… er… Earther!”

(She reaches for John’s arm to get his attention and… they both disappear leaving ArcGeneral Manchester shaking his head in wonder!)    


Join us for Nonnie’s next stop on Genesis!

About John Fioravanti

Author, John Fioravanti writes non-fiction as well as fiction in the sci-fi genre. He's a retired secondary school educator and a lifelong learner. He considers himself a work in progress and welcomes the opinions and insights that others may have about his work. He prizes dialogue about meaningful topics, so please leave your thoughts!

8 thoughts on “15. Let’s Visit Genesis One #RRBC

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    August 23, 2016 at 10:55am

    I love the way you’re developing these interviews with Nonnie. The humour is there. I like especially when she touched your arm and ended up on Genesis One. She’ll never touch your arm again because she’ll never know where she might end up. 🙂
    Your characterization of the Earthers is a joy. I could picture First Lord Setter Caine. If my imagination is correct, he is an Irish Setter, and then there is the Kodiak Bear, Andra, who is an admiral.
    Your article is entertaining and yet there are precious little gems of wisdom in it, like Andra being very protective of her friends.
    Excellent writing and I hope you and Nonnie made it back so that she could finish her book trailers.
    Shalom aleichem,

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      John Fioravanti

      August 23, 2016 at 1:43pm

      Thanks for visiting and leaving your thoughts with us, Pat! So happy that you’re enjoying these adventures. Yes, Setter Caine is an Irish Setter. The Earthers were created by Kenneth Tam in his 8-book “Equations” series of novels. My “Genesis Saga” is being created within Kenneth’s SciFi universe. His main characters are the Earthers while mine are the humans on Genesis. My series tells the story of what happened on Genesis during a 40-year gap between two intergalactic wars – between Kenneth’s Books 4 & 5. In my Book 3, I’ll reveal the substantial War Memorial built on Genesis where the final showdown occurred between Setter Caine and Omega in Kenneth’s final Equations book. Kenneth borrowed it for his book! The two series are interwoven and I love writing within this universe.

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        August 24, 2016 at 5:33am

        Good Morning John,
        You amaze me. Now; it is a must that I check out Kenneth Tam’s book. Being the curious person that I am, I want to be able to see the whole picture. In fact, the collaboration between the both of you fascinates me. I’ve always thought such series could be written where each writer is writing his own series but their stories interconnect to create a universe of its own. It seems you and Kenneth have done that. I finished Passion & Struggle. Just haven’t had the time to write my review.
        Shalom aleichem,

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          John Fioravanti

          August 24, 2016 at 8:30am

          Hi, Pat – you’re back!!! I wrote a blog two years ago about how I came to write inside a SciFi series written by my former student, Kenneth Tam. Here is the link: http://wp.me/p4qtDS-3T. He was writing his final book of the Equations series when I was writing the draft of my Book Two. When he saw the description of the War Memorial in Genesis City, he asked if he could use that as a scene in his final book. That was pretty exciting for me. Because of re-writes, the story about the building of the War Memorial will be part of my Book Three, being drafted now.

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      John Fioravanti

      August 22, 2016 at 8:45pm

      Thanks for visiting, Yvette, and I’m glad you enjoyed the post. Yes, Nonnie has more characters to meet before she goes home!

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    John W. Howell

    August 22, 2016 at 11:32am

    Another fine episode of “The Intergalactical Travels of Nonnie and John.”

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