1. Genesis 2181 CE: UNS Divine Scepter Arrives #RRBC

Attempting to save humanity from total annihilation by the self-aware ‘Omega Virus’, the United Nations Security Council organized and launched a giant colonizer ship, dubbed ‘United Nations Ship Divine Scepter’, in 2086 CE, with just under a million souls aboard. The Scepter arrived at its destination, the planet Genesis, in 2181 CE. The leaders of this divided community are the grandchildren of the original survivors that left Earth almost a century before.

The Holy Unity National is the Church of the faithful, and the ruling authority aboard UNS Divine Scepter. The government is led by a body of twelve Lord Chancellors who sit on the Chancellery Council. Their leader is High Chancellor Jerome Hayes, assisted by Second Lord Chancellor Barnaby Goetz, and they are answerable only to the Gods. The Chancellery’s security is guaranteed by a well-trained army called the Crusaders – styled on the Vatican Swiss Guards on Earth. The UN conditioned the original group of Churchers to believe in a polytheistic religion and to brook no deviation from the Holy Scriptures, penned by a group of international theologians under the supervision of the UN Secretary General, Amy Valens. The faithful aboard Scepter see themselves as the superior social class.

The balance of this unique human community are military and technical specialists who received no conditioning to believe in the Church out of fear of possibly reducing or damaging their critically important skill sets and knowledge. As a group, these people are called the NavalĀ  or technical class. The Navy itself pilots the colonizer vessel through space, maintains all ship’s propulsion and navigation systems, and tends to the machinery that preserves the delicate and varied environmental sections that are part of this gigantic ship. They are often denigrated as faithless scum. The Navy Marine Corps is the other military force aboard Divine Scepter – the Navy’s only ship. Her supreme commander is ArcGeneral Thomas Hastings. His second in command or Executive Officer is ArcLieutenant-General Helena Romano.

Divine Scepter has been orbiting planet Genesis for two weeks. Sensor suites aboard ship have scanned the surface, providing detailed maps of the main continent, oceans, and island formations. Small ships traveled to the surface with teams of civilian scientists to conduct studies to determine the planet’s suitability for human habitation. On this day, Hastings is debriefing ArcColonel Michal Worowski, the commander of the landing teams, while his XO is stalling for time in the Chancellery Council Chamber.

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    John Howell

    August 4, 2016 at 6:20pm

    Okay okay. I bought book one and will read it next. (You’re a hard man Mr. Fioravanti)

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    John Howell

    August 4, 2016 at 6:16pm

    Hey, John. I think I am now getting these posts. This was very interesting and took a lot of imagination. I tried clicking on the Find out what happens next: click here! button but it went nowhere. I may have to come over there and smack you. I wanted more. (I know so go buy the book hoser)

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      John Fioravanti

      August 4, 2016 at 6:19pm

      Hoser is right!!! I forgot about that when I scheduled the next post for tomorrow. (Smacks self in head) Thanks for your kind comments and for your support here!

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